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100% recycled cotton

In our range of eco-friendly bags, 100% recycled cotton holds a prominent place, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion. Organic cotton, chosen for its purity and exceptional quality, is cultivated in complete harmony with the environment. It is harvested without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or defoliants, making it an ideal alternative for those looking to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing quality.

We have chosen this material to promote planet-friendly production methods and to support the well-being of its inhabitants. Although the production cost of organic cotton is higher than that of conventional cotton, this is primarily due to the use of pest control methods that prioritize mechanical interventions over chemical ones. This approach not only preserves the biodiversity of the ecosystems where cotton is grown but also ensures a higher-quality end product.

Our approach also aligns with fair trade principles. By supporting Fairtrade, we are committed to helping producers in developing countries secure better trading conditions and promoting sustainable agriculture. This translates into direct support for farming communities, ensuring a fair income for their labor and contributing to improving their living conditions.

The 100% recycled cotton we use is mainly manufactured in India, Europe, and France. By selecting suppliers who share our values of sustainability and fairness, we ensure full traceability and total transparency in our supply chain.

Choosing a 100% recycled cotton bag from Vicbag means making a conscious choice for a greener future. It means embracing fashion that respects the environment, supports farmers, and guarantees healthy and durable products. Join us in our mission for a cleaner and fairer world!