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100% recycled non-woven polypropyene

100% recycled non-woven Polypropylene offers a remarkable combination of economy, durability, and functionality. We have chosen it for its exceptional ability to be environmentally friendly while remaining affordable, thus providing high-quality products at an accessible price for everyone.

This material is not just a cornerstone of our ecological commitment due to its reusability; it is also a symbol of practicality. Its flexibility allows us to create bags that adapt to all your desires and needs while remaining incredibly lightweight and easy to carry.

The strength of 100% recycled non-woven Polypropylene doesn’t stop there. Its ability to maintain vibrant and long-lasting colors, even after multiple washes, ensures that your bags always remain attractive. Add to that its insulating properties and resistance to temperature variations, moisture, and chemical agents, and you get a bag that protects your belongings in almost any conditions.

This material is manufactured in Asia and Europe, reflecting our commitment to ethical supply chains and reducing our environmental impact. By choosing a bag made of 100% recycled non-woven Polypropylene from Vicbag, you are not just choosing a fashionable and practical accessory. You are embracing a philosophy, one of conscious and responsible living, that honors our planet without compromising on style or quality.