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Recycled polyethylene terephtalate (PET)

RPET, or Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, represents a significant advancement in the realm of eco-friendly materials, quickly becoming the new standard for environmentally conscious reusable bags. At Vicbag, we take pride in incorporating RPET into the manufacturing of our bags, blending durability, aesthetics, and ecological awareness.

Bags made from RPET, sourced from the recycling of plastic bottles and other packaging, embody a remarkable solution for reducing our carbon footprint. Recyclable and reusable, these custom bags promise an average lifespan of two years, providing a sustainable alternative to single-use bags. By choosing RPET, Vicbag not only commits to environmental stewardship but also offers customers an elegant and practical means to join this collective effort.

Manufactured in Asia, RPET benefits from an efficient and responsible supply chain, ensuring a superior-quality product. By integrating RPET into our range of reusable bags, Vicbag takes another step toward a greener future. The remarkable characteristics of this material, such as its water resistance and ease of cleaning, make it an ideal option for a variety of uses, from daily errands to outdoor activities. With RPET, we offer you a product that is not only beautiful and functional but also imbued with a story of transformation and commitment to the planet.

At Vicbag, adopting an RPET bag means choosing to walk hand in hand with us on the path to sustainability. Together, let’s reduce our ecological footprint.