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100% recycled woven Polypropylene

Discover 100% recycled woven PP, a revolutionary material at the heart of our reusable bags. Non-toxic and stain-resistant, this innovative material embodies our commitment to a more sustainable and healthy future. Each bag crafted with 100% recycled woven PP is reusable and boasts exceptional durability, providing you with a reliable eco-friendly solution for your daily shopping needs.

Easy to clean and equipped with antibacterial properties, 100% recycled woven PP ensures impeccable hygiene with every use. Lightweight and easy to carry due to its low density, this material ensures unmatched strength. Its high resistance to tears makes our bags dependable and renowned companions.

Capable of withstanding high operational temperatures, with a melting point of 167°C, 100% recycled woven PP is also resistant to most alkalis and acids, organic solvents, and degreasing agents, ensuring unmatched longevity and reliability for all your needs.

Manufactured in Asia and designed in France, this material is the result of advanced technology, reflecting our pursuit of eco-friendly solutions that make no compromises on quality and effectiveness. By choosing a bag made of 100% recycled woven PP, you are opting for an environmentally friendly alternative ready to accompany you on all your journeys while preserving our planet.